Women of Reform Judaism Events

The Honey Project 2021

Women of Reform Judaism is proud to sponsor their annual fundraiser  “The Honey Project”.  Start 5782 on a sweet note. Send New Year’s greetings with a jar of honey to your family members, friends and colleagues.  The cost is 15.00 per jar.  After payment, please download the order form and send the completed form to jheyman@wrhh.net. WRJ will be accepting orders through Friday, August 13th.

If you would like your honey to be delivered before Rosh Hashanah, all orders must be submitted by Wednesday, August 4th.


The Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) also known as “Sisterhood,” is an affiliate organization of Riverdale Temple. The WRJ provides a sense of belonging and comfort to its members through frequent organized events and activities, with Riverdale Temple as a welcoming venue for these functions. WRJ includes in its objectives the empowerment of women to be advocates on behalf of issues addressed by the mandates of Reform Judaism.

As an affiliate, WRJ provides many services to the temple, hosting its Oneg Shabbat collation each week and coordinating many fund raising events that support the temple’s operations. Additionally, each year, WRJ arranges recreational activities for our members. Members are active in community affairs, charitable drives and volunteer efforts. These activities engage the women in our community providing mutual support and strengthening our Jewish identity.

As a new member of Riverdale Temple, your first year of membership in WRJ is free.

Whether you come to Riverdale as a single in your first apartment, as working professional with a family or as a recently divorced or widowed woman, WRJ provides a place in the community for you. There are many opportunities in which to participate and to get involved and it’s the perfect way to meet others in your community.

Did you know that one does not have to be a member of the temple in order to become a member of sisterhood? Bring a relative, friend, or neighbor to participate In our Book Club, our next card party, or take a trip to a museum with us. These are just a few of the activities that we are planning for what promises to be an exciting year of an invigorated sisterhood.