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Riverdale Temple Nursery School News               

February 2023

Happy New Year!  After a relaxing Winter Break, students and teachers returned to RTNS recharged and reenergized, and excited to see what the new year holds. Kindness and Community are the overarching themes of Riverdale Temple Nursery School; teachers and staff support and encourage children to talk and act in kind ways, and to work together to help one another.  We want children to know that they can learn from each other as well as from teachers and adults. 

All of the classes were introduced to Dr. Martin Luther King and his dream of equality through story and song, which facilitated exciting discussions about kindness, friendship and inclusivity.

Although we have not had very much wintry weather this far, the Two’s and 3K Classes have been exploring and creating their own Winter Wonderlands.  The Rainbow Room read You Make Me Smile by Layn Marlow, a delightful tale about the first snow fall of the season, and then created their own snow person using torn paper, googley eyes and a big smile.  In the Lilac Room, children created their own ideal snowy day after reading and listening to The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.  And the Pink Room has transformed into an arctic habitat, full of penguins and polar bears, inspired by the Tacky the Penguin series by Helen Lester and Hush Little Polar Bear by Jeff Mack.

The 3K classes have also been studying Winter, with their focus on Hibernation.  The Yellow Room took a deep dive into The Mitten, by Jan Brett, a classic tale about a little boy who loses his white mitten in the snow.  They learned about winter weather, what people need to wear, what the word camouflage means and how animals survive. Brown bears, polar bears and penguins are in full display in the Red Room; the class went on a Bear Hunt, created their own bear tracks,  learned lots of fun penguin facts after reading A Polar Bear in the Snow by Mac Barnett, and created beautiful polar bear silhouettes with finger paint.  Despite the lack of any noticeable snowfall this year, the Blue Room children are becoming expert meteorologists, learning the similarities and differences between snow showers and snowstorms. 

The 4K Classes are studying Community and where we live; the walls and bulletin boards on the third floor are decorated with blueprints and models of the children’s homes. They have also been working collaboratively on making a model of Riverdale, using different mediums.  The Green Room and The Purple Room have also been focusing on Winter and Arctic Animals, with a major focus on the scientific concepts of Adaptation, Hibernation and Migration. 

  Next Month, all of the classes will be focused on doing Random Acts of Kindness, which will include a book donation, tzedakah, and other ways for children to be Bucket Fillers.  February 14th is Pajama Day!  Children and Teachers can wear their pajamas to school,  have breakfast for lunch and enjoy some of their favorite bedtime stories like.

Tours for the 2023-2024 school year continue; if you have friends who are interested, please tell them to call the school at 718-796-0335 or email director@riverdaletemplens.org to schedule a tour. Our 2’s classes are almost completely full and registration for 3k and 4k is now open through my schools.nyc .

We have an amazing After school Program at RTNS; Mixed Sports with Legendary All Stars on Mondays and Wednesdays, Dance Jam on Tuesdays, and Jewish Enrichment for 3K and 4K students on Thursdays. Second session. Begins next week.

We are very excited about our Summer Camp, which runs from June 27th-August 4th, 2023.  Camp is for children who will be 2 by June 20th through age 5.  At camp we have lots of hands-on projects, water play, planting and gardening and many more fun Special Events.  If you or anyone you know is interested, applications are available on the RTNS website.