Joining Riverdale Temple

Is Riverdale Temple Right For You?

  • Do you believe that men and women should be able to participate equally, to the full extent of their abilities and talents, in every area of Jewish life?
  • Do you believe that every human life is equally sacred, regardless of religion, “race” (whatever that is?), sexual orientation, or ethnic origin?
  • Do you believe that Judaism is a changing, growing, evolving system of beliefs, customs and practices that has never stopped changing, growing and evolving?
  • Do you believe that the study of Jewish history should use all the tools, skills and expertise we would use to study any other important body of knowledge?
  • Do you have trouble believing in the God that is described in the Torah — but maybe you do – or could — believe in the God of Maimonides.. .or Buber.. .or maybe even (God forbid?) Spinoza?
  • Do you feel lost in a Jewish service that’s mostly in Hebrew, or feel funny because you don’t know when to sit or stand or bow or pray out loud or recite words when you don’t know what they mean?
  • Do you have non-Jewish friends and relatives who would like to join you in celebrating holidays and life-cycle events without feeling like “outsiders”?
  • Do you want to be part of a community that is searching – together — for meaningful spiritual fulfillment, while participating fully in the secular world?

If so — surprise! You might be a reform Jew!

And Riverdale Temple might be the right place for you.

Types of Membership

There are two types of membership in Riverdale Temple: a Family membership and a Single membership.

  • A Family membership consists of a two adult household and any children under the age of 26, who are full time students or are unmarried, living in the household,
  • A Single membership consists of a one-adult household and any children under the age of 26, who are full time students or are unmarried, living in the household.

Membership is open to all who wish to follow the Jewish faith, including interfaith couples. Families, couples and singles are welcome. Gays and lesbians are welcome. This is a congregation that believes that if you wish to practice Judaism, no barriers should exist which limit access.

All adults are entitled to vote and hold office. All membership dues include seats for the High Holy Days. Only children of congregants may become Bar or Bat Mitzvah in the temple. Enrollment in our Religious and Hebrew School, without preparation for Bar or Bat Mitzvah, is available to non-members.

Please note: it is the temple policy to turn no one away who wishes to affiliate with the congregation, but does not have the financial means to do so. A discreet conversation with the Financial Secretary will determine the adjusted dues rate.