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Simcha Learning Center's Mission

Temple Religious/Herbew School: a connection with our Jewish heritage and a bridge to our future. Experience our new creative and engaging program where all children ages 5 and up and families are welcome, and will be inspired by our new monthly programs focusing on Jewish holidays, our innovative Torah and Hebrew program and our relevant and inspirational values and social action opportunities. Our students will connect to the warmth and joy Judaism has to offer with engaging learning opportunities with an emphasis on music, arts, text study and hands-on curriculum such as school wide challah bake, Jewish song festival, family Sukkah shack and visiting and singing at a senior center. We recognize the uniqueness and diversity of all of our learners and together with our nurturing educational team and the clergy we are here to get to know each child and family and be a part of your Jewish journey. We come together as a community, make new friendships, sustain old ones and, explore all that Judaism has to offer educationally, spiritually and socially.

Riverdale Temple welcomes Judy Weinberg the new Education and Engagement Specialist

I am excited to join Riverdale Temple as the new Education and Engagement Specialist. Through my various positions in educational leadership, I have honed my craft teaching Jewish texts, culture, and values in the classroom and through workshops for families and teachers. I have a history of developing and piloting new programs and curricula which have an emphasis on social justice and Jewish values. It is of paramount importance that these experiences be honest yet positive aspects of our families lives and nurture Jewish their identity.

Commitment and love for our children and families and forging connection and joy with our Jewish heritage and culture and important of social progress and justice has always been a part of me. From my start, as an American born, growing up in Israel as the daughter to a Conservative rabbi, in a pluralistic home, serving in the Israeli Air Force, I have made a point to include service in my career. My combined Master’s degrees in both Jewish Education and Management for Non-Profit Organizations laid a strong foundation to help me consistently develop and execute programs that focus on social action, including family education, volunteerism, and community building. I am happy to bring my experiences to Riverdale Temple and look forward to getting to know each and every one of you.

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Students who complete our entire program will understand:

  • The components of the prayer service.
  • The basic concepts and values of each holiday and life-cycle ceremony and the rituals that accompany it.
  • The major events of Jewish history from the Bible to today, including a focus on Israel and Zionism.
  • The values that define modern Judaism and how they have evolved from biblical times.
  • What it means to be a Reform Jew today, and how to make responsible Jewish choices about how to observe mitzvoth.
  • How to read any printed, vocalized Hebrew text, and what basic words and phrases mean.

We accomplish this in small mixed-ages groups through a combination of direct instruction, thoughtful engaged discussion, and art, music and cooking experiences. In the process, children develop a sense of community, connection to and confidence in their Judaism.

(Click here to see more details about the Simcha Learning Center curriculum)

Rose Marcus will once again be exploring rituals and ritual objects with our students. Rose is an artist, and her specialized knowledge and talent helps our students understand the role of rituals and ritual objects from a unique perspective.

Michelle Shteingart will continue to welcome our youngest students into the world of Jewish learning. Michelle covers the stories, holidays and rituals that connect our children emotionally to their Jewish heritage. This is where the magic takes place! Once children discover how much fun it can be to be Jewish, the seeds of a meaningful Jewish life take root and grow for the rest of their lives. 

You can now use the newly created Simcha Learning Center Registration Form to register your children. Please complete a registration form for each child you are registering in the school this year. For tuition information and to register your child, see the form below.

Please feel free to invite any friends or neighbors who might be interested in attending our religious school to send in the registration form information -- no commitment required. They are welcome to send their children for a trial period of two sessions before enrolling formally (but we still need the above information).

Tuition information

Please note that payment arrangements and accommodations may be discussed with a finance officer. We will not allow financial difficulties to deprive your child of a Jewish education!

Simcha Learning Center Registration Form to enroll your child , click here

Please complete this form and return it to the religious school office at Riverdale Temple. If you have any questions about our school, its curriculum, our philosophy or concerns about your child and religious school, please do not hesitate to contact our Education and Engagement Specialist Judy Weinberg at the temple, (718) 548-3800, ext. 6. or email to