Study with the Rabbi

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Weekly Shabbat Study Sessions Study Sessions each Shabbat morning follow the reading of the Torah portion. These discussions of the parashah of the week are a lively analysis by those attending Saturday services of the Torah reading. The participants are finding important connections that help all find the Torah’s relevance to our contemporary lives.

Lunch and Learn begins on September 5. This class will meet every Tuesday at noon in the conference room all year.  The subject of the course will be “The Prophets” or Nevi’im (in Hebrew). In this class on Bible study we will be learning about Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and some of the 12 minor prophets.  Rabbi Gardner is a wonderful story teller and will help the era, when the prophets were among the Jewish people, become alive for you.  Discussions are always lively and thought provoking.

How to Create an Ethical Will: Tuesday evenings October 3  through December 5. Learn how Jews throughout history have summed up their most central beliefs to pass on to their heirs, and then learn to write your own ethical will.