Study with Cantor Sharett-Singer

Liturgical Hebrew: Is designed to enable our congregants to read the prayers and blessings of our services and rituals. The course is very individualized so that Cantor Sharett-Singer is even able to teach students who are reading at a beginner’s level. Each class will also provide opportunities to practice speaking modern Hebrew. Tuition is $125.00 for each of the 6 week cycles which conclude in May.  The first cycle begins on Tuesday, October 17 at 7:30PM. 

Haftarah Chanting: Have you wanted to learn how to chant Haftarah?  Cantor Sharett-Singer will teach this free class to those of you who take on the challenge of picking a Haftarah of your choice, first to study and then to read, at services on that Shabbat when it is due to be read.  What a great culmination to your study! I have never learned to chant Haftarah and this is a challenge too good to pass up. I will take the course.  Come take it too.  This class will start on Wednesday, October 18 and meet weekly for 12 weeks at 7:30 pm.

Please let Cantor Sharett-Singer know of your interest to register for either of her classes.  If you are interested in either course please email the Cantor at 

Adult Hebrew Language Class

Please click here to download the Adult Hebrew Language Registration Form.

Contact with any questions.