Men's Club

The Riverdale Temple Men's Club is a vibrant, multi-generational organization that offers a variety of fun activities to congregants of all ages.

Headed by Steven Rosenfeld, the Men's Club has a 65 year heritage of helping raise money for Temple projects and providing community service. Whenever there is a challenge, be it financial or other, the Men's club is there to offer assistance.

Men's Club activities include, film festivals and movie nights, guest speaker breakfasts, sports outings and social outreach to the Riverdale Temple community at large. Most importantly what you find here as an active member is friendship. This is today's Riverdale Temple Men's Club.

Membership is open to all male Riverdale Temple members in good standing 13 years of age and up. New Temple members and recent Bar-Mitzvah members receive their first year of membership at no charge.

For information on our calendar of events, to suggest activities and of course, how to join, contact Steven at: